New positions for 2023 at The Pond and Lake Connection

Our company continues to grow and we are looking for a few new people to join our team. The position based out of my office in North Franklin CT is for an aquatic specialist/assistant aquatic specialist depending on experience. Our Brookfield location is looking for a similar candidate as well as a few other positions. All resumes can be sent to either or

  The aquatic specialist position will spend their first year helping a senior specialist perform invasive aquatic weed treatments, algae treatments, Phosphorus sequestration treatments, WQ testing, aeration installation and much more. I am looking for someone with experience trailering boats to bring one of our Airboats to the site each day. They will also learn general aquatic and marginal plant ID, industry products and how they work/how to apply.

  Most applicants do not have the required licensing or direct experience with aquatic treatment products when hired, but we will provide paid time to learn and obtain licensing before the field season starts. Aquatic Specialist Job Posting 2023