Location: Falkner Island, CT – Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge

Duration: Beginning May 15th to August 5th (12 weeks)

Job Type: Seasonal Position

Salary: $15/hr (housing may be available for rent)

Job Description: Stewart B. McKinney NWR is looking for one qualified individual to be our 2023 Refuge Operation Technician stationed on Falkner Island to monitor seabirds. Duties of this technician position include but are not limited to:

· monitoring productivity of roseate and common terns on Falkner Island

· identifying both species’ prey items (typically small fish) and recording data

· band re-sighting (fledglings and adults) from field blinds and other locations

· banding common tern chicks

· participating in non-lethal predator management

· completing maintenance projects and invasive species control

· operating/maintaining small watercraft and associated vehicles (must pass MOCC course)

· educating the public and assisting with training of other seasonals working on the island

Job Requirements:

· The position is based on an island in a bird colony with thousands of birds. Technician must be able to work around birds who will be actively defending their territory/colony. This includes the birds as a group flying at and hitting the top of the head (safety hat provided for protection), as well as being around bird excrement and having birds excrete on you (issued safety equipment).

· This position involves working long hours, nights, weekends, and holidays. Schedules will be around 40 hours per week but will vary in the length of day and start time.

· The technician will spend 5+ days living on the island in rustic conditions (no running water, outhouse, solar power, limited and unstable WiFi connection) and 2 nights off.

· Weather and wave height may change work schedule due to transportation issues.

· Work will often be labor intensive and may be in adverse weather – need to be physically able to lift 30lbs and walk miles over uneven and rocky terrain

· Work includes hazards such as direct contact with poison ivy and plants with thorns, as well as conditions with biting insects to include ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies

· Will be required to wear a uniform to work every day, operate a boat, and drive Refuge vehicles

· May use power equipment with personal protective equipment

· Must take and pass the DOI’s Motorboat Operation Certification Course

· Will need to drive personal vehicle to/from Guilford dock when meeting boat

· Applicant must be a US citizen, have a US Driver’s License, and be 18-30 years of age (or up to 35 if a U.S. veteran)

· Will be required to provide information about banding experience for permitting purposes


· Previous bird banding experience is required

· Additional experience working with birds, field work in a field camp setting, data collection, bird identification, boat operation, fish identification, and an academic background in wildlife biology, zoology, environmental science or a related field are preferred.

To Apply: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with preference given to those received by January 13th, and a final deadline on March 3rd. Send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for at least 3 references (must include email and phone number) via email to: In the subject line, please enter “Falkner Island” and the first letter of your first name followed by your full last name. All application material should be titled similarly. Please do not send applications by mail.