UW-Madison: NSF-REU Internships in aquatic ecology in Iceland Summer 2023

UW-Madison: NSF-REU Internships in aquatic ecology in Iceland Summer 2023

We are looking for NSF-REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) students to join our team of interdisciplinary researchers in northeast Iceland this coming summer. Our research focuses on interactions between the population dynamics of midges and the aquatic ecosystem. The project encompasses population ecology, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology. The fieldwork is conducted by a team of researchers at ‘vatn, including faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates.


We have two internships available for summer 2023. The internships are for NSF-REU eligible candidates, which includes only current undergraduates (not graduating before fall of 2023) with US citizenship. Our lab and the University of Wisconsin are committed to supporting scientists from historically underrepresented backgrounds (https://integrativebiology.wisc.edu/diversity-inclusion-statement/).

Interns must be available to work from 1 June to late August. The timing of the fieldwork is dictated by our research needs and therefore is inflexible.


The research focuses on the population dynamics of midges and the consequences they have for the functioning of the aquatic ecosystem. The work includes conducting lab and field experiments, collecting and processing midge, plankton and sediment samples, and performing biogeochemical assays. All participants will contribute to all aspects of the project.

Our interns take primary responsibility for the routine sampling that forms the backbone of a long-term research program and are expected to conduct individual projects that align with the goals of the program. Technical lab and (especially) field skills are essential. However, we place primary importance on the ability of prospective participants to work both individually and as part of a research term.


If you are interested in joining our team, please apply with the following:

1. Cover letter

Your cover letter should include and outline your background and the reasons why you would be a good candidate for this position. Include a discussion of why you want this position and how it relates to your intellectual interests and career goals. In particular, emphasize how your experiences and skills make you a good match for the position. Highlight specific details from your resume or other pertinent information that does not appear on your resume. Include your citizenship, whether you have a valid driver’s license, and your current and future educational plans. Finally, please let us know about how you found information about this internship, because we want to make sure we receive a diverse group of applications.

2. Resume

Include a current resume that details your education and work experiences. Provide names, email addresses, and phone numbers for at least two references whom we can contact to ask specific questions about your qualifications for the position.

Submit your application as a single PDF (only 1 file), including both the cover letter and resume. Email your PDF to Ian Hart, ishart@wisc.edu. Include your surname in the file (e.g., [name]_Iceland_Application.pdf). Put 2023 Summer Research in Iceland in the subject line of the email. After initial screening of materials, finalists will be contacted for interviews.


For full consideration for the summer 2023 field season, please submit your application by 27 January, 2023.


All positions include coverage of travel expenses to and from Iceland, food and lodging, and a small stipend ($4,000 for both interns and field technician).

We are motivated to support interns and the field technician in the continuation of their work on individual projects beyond the field season. Past summer research interns have completed their projects as senior research theses or have presented their work at national conferences. Past field technicians have co-authored papers on their work