Regeneration Ecology Research Technicians

Job Description:

Research technicians will work closely under the supervision of a researcher from the Bisbing lab to sample a long-term provenance trial (i.e., baby tree garden) at multiple locations throughout the Sierra Nevada. Duties include: measuring seedling survival and growth, downloading weather station and temperature logger data, weeding or grubbing gardens, and conducting repeated measurements of planting site climatic conditions. The field technician(s) will be responsible for maintaining equipment/tools as well as regularly entering, quality checking, and uploading data. Field work will include hiking long distances with a heavy pack and potentially working during inclement weather.

The field season will run for~16 consecutive weeks from early/mid-April(snowpack dependent) through the end of October. Possibility to extend work through November (weather dependent) exists. Please specify whether you are interested in a technician position ($17/hour) or crew lead ($21/hour). Crew leads should have at least one summer of field technician experience and will be held to a higher standard of leadership, responsibility, and expertise. Housing (i.e., barracks) is provided at few sites, with tent camping necessary at some locations. A field vehicle is provided for on-site work. This crew will continually rotate between locations and should expect to change sites weekly.

Ideal candidates will have a strong ability to solve problems that arise in the field and the constitution to both act independently and work well as part of a field team.


Minimum qualifications

– Hold a valid driver’s license

– Be comfortable driving a 4WD vehicle on remote forest roads

– Be able to hike long distances while carrying a heavy pack(> 35lbs)

Preferred qualifications

– Previous ecology-related field experience

– Knowledge of tree measurements and forest ecosystem sampling

– Chainsaw experience

– Capacity and eagerness for manual labor (lift, saw, dig, etc.), as needed

How to Apply:

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references compiled into a single PDF to: