Summer Vegetation Technician at Working Lands Conservation

Subject: Position: Summer Vegetation Technician at Working Lands Conservation!We are looking for two hardworking & enthusiastic field techs to join our summer Working Lands Conservation research team!The Project: U.S. ranchers have long relied on rangelands to provide forage for livestock. More recently, there is a growing interest in rangelands providing a broader array of ecosystem services including sustainable forage, healthy riparian areas, and high quality sage grouse habitat. Despite a growing interest in managing ecosystem services on rangelands, there is no consensus on how management practices affect the sustainable provision of these services.Our goal is to learn how to better manage rangelands for multiple ecosystem services.  Our project examines how three different grazing systems’ season-long continuous grazing, four pasture grazing, and short-duration rotational grazing — affect target ecosystem services including: sustainable forage production, riparian health, & sage-grouse habitat. To do this, we will collect data on vegetation, riparian habitat, and sage-grouse habitat across public lands managed by the BLM plus a private ranch.Duties: The summer field crew will work under the guidance of the project manager. Main duties include:Vegetation sampling in riparian areas using point intercept methodsBiomass collectionWater quality assessmentQualifications:We are looking for 2 team members that are enthusiastic and hard-working.Previous experience collecting vegetation data is a plus, but not necessary. We will conduct training at the start of the field season.Team members must be detail oriented, able to work in pairs, and able to problem solve.Previous experience working at a remote field site in challenging conditions is a plus. Team members must be comfortable working in cold to very hot conditions, be able to carry up to 10 lbs of gear to field sites, and be able to work in these conditions for extended periods of time (10 hrs/day).Because interns will spend 4-days at a time in Rich County working and living together, we are also looking for people that work well on teams.Work schedule & Pay:All positions will run from May 24th through August 26th.There is an additional opportunity for two team members to work thru September.The basic work schedule is 4 days a week (10 hour days) for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks off, for a minimum of 10 weeks of work. There will also be extra hours available each month (from ~12-40 hours) for those interested.During work-weeks, team members will live at a research station in Rich County. Housing costs will be paid by Working Lands Conservation. Team members will provide their own food.Pay is $11.00. Raises contingent on successful initial training.To Apply:Please send the following materials to Dr. Kris Hulvey (Director) ( and Jessie Danninger (Project Leader) ( A one-page cover letter describing your interest in the project and dates of availability,(2) A current resume including any previous field experience, and(3) The names, phone numbers and email addresses of 2 references.Deadline: April 8th, but stellar applicants may be interviewed sooner and hired on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.