New England National Scenic Trail Scientist

New England National Scenic Trail
Applications are now open for our Scientists in Parks program on the NET this summer! We are looking for a qualified individual with strong independent work skills, outdoor hiking experience; presentation or public speaking experience; upper level

undergraduate or graduate student with at least 9-12 credit hours of environmental sciences with an outdoor field component.
The NET community science intern will develop an iNaturalist project similar to the ongoing project on the Appalachian Trail overseen by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), but specific to the NET corridor. The project will include a focus on plant phenology, adding to a growing mountain database that AMC is using to examine the flowering and fruiting time of a set of bioindicator plants in the context of changing climate. The NET iNaturalist project will include surveying a broad range of organisms, providing biodiversity data for NET resource managers.
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