Research Internships

Fundación Para La Tierra, an international award-winning (Rolex Awards, Nat Geo, Rufford, NAAEE, International Primatology Society etc.) research and conservation organization based in Paraguay, offers students professionally supervised internships and placements to help boost their career prospects while contributing to long-term conservation in Paraguay. If your students are looking for opportunities to support their academic studies, we have opportunities available during both term-time and the summer months. 


At Para La Tierra, students earn hands-on experience running a research project of their own design. Interns are trained in the field techniques required for their study and gain valuable skills to strengthen their profile, including research, scientific writing, presentation, data collection, and data analysis. From project design to execution, our interns are in charge of every step of their project, receiving guidance from experts in their field. Interns can choose from a wide variety of projects ranging from behavioral or ecological research, to taxonomic studies or even community-based projects. All intern projects are directly involved in promoting the conservation of the threatened and understudied Ñeembucú Wetland Complex in Southern Paraguay. The most successful projects are published in peer-reviewed journals, raising Paraguay’s profile at the international level. So far 19 interns have had their studies published in international peer-reviewed journals, with 13 more in preparation. 


Fundación Para La Tierra was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to the conservation of fragile habitats in Paraguay through scientific research, community engagement and environmental education. Over the past decade, we have hosted over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students from across the world to conduct independent research projects in Paraguay. Every one of them has made a tangible contribution to the conservation of species and ecosystems of Paraguay.


With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the well-being of our visitors remains our biggest priority and we are taking the advice of experts and the authorities. We have implemented strict internal health and safety protocols in accordance with worldwide recommendations to keep everyone safe and healthy. Students are able to travel to Paraguay, where COVID numbers are relatively low, and to Pilar where the Para La Tierra research station is based, with complete peace of mind.


If you believe that these opportunities would be of interest to your students, please find attached an information booklet to share with your network. I would love to organize a call to provide more details or discuss how Para La Tierra can adjust our opportunities to better suit the students at University of Connecticut.


To learn more about our organization as a whole, please visit our website