BLM Wetland (Lentic) Monitoring Lead and Field Technicians –15 in total, 5 Lead Technicians and 10 Field Technicians

Subject: BLM Wetland (Lentic) Monitoring Lead and Field Technician Positions

TITLE: BLM Wetland (Lentic) Monitoring Lead and Field Technicians

POSITION TYPE: Full-time, temporary

NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 15 in total, 5 Lead Technicians and 10 Field Technicians

WORK LOCATIONS: California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming

PAY RATE: $15.00Ãf¢ÒÂEURҔ$19.00, depending on experience and position. $42.50/day per diem when traveling beyond base location. Health insurance provided.

DURATION: MayÃf¢ÒÂEURҔSeptember 2021 (Lead Technicians begin in early April)

Summary of Positions

In partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) is seeking experienced field technicians to collect wetland monitoring data through BLMÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s new Wetland (Lentic) Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) Program. Successful applicants will be trained in the methods by Wetland Ecologists from CNHP and BLMÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s National Operations Center and will spend the summer applying the protocol in wetlands and other lentic areas on BLM lands throughout the western states of California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Quantitative vegetation data will be collected using the line-point-intercept (LPI) method. Additional data collection will include soils, hydrology, water quality, and surrounding land use.

Five field teams of three technicians each (1 Lead Technician and 2 Field Technicians) will be hired. The teams will be stationed in one of five states: California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Crews will spend 4 to 8 days in a row in the field, often camping away from their base location. All teams will travel extensively across their base states (CA, CO, NV, UT, WY), collecting data in a wide variety of settings. All teams will have the opportunity to work with BLM Hydrologists, Aquatic Biologists, and Resource Specialists across the West.

Lead Technician positions may start up to 1 month in advance of the field season (estimated start date in April) to plan field season logistics and scout field sites. The Lead Technician will be responsible for supporting and managing crew safety and wellbeing, coordinating field logistics and scheduling, managing the crewÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s equipment, and completing administrative paperwork. Before, during and after field data collection, the Lead Technician will be responsible for the organization and quality control of all data collected using iPad tablets and occasional paper forms.

Qualifications for All Positions

1. Coursework in botany, ecology, natural resources, range management, or related field required for all positions. A completed B.S. degree is preferred for all positions and required for Lead Technicians.

2. Field experience collecting scientific data, specifically vegetation sampling, soil profile descriptions, water quality sampling, and/or other environmental data required for all positions. Knowledge of wetland ecology and experience working in wetlands and/or riparian areas preferred.

3. Previous experience working on a BLM Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) crew, either Terrestrial or Aquatic AIM, preferred, especially for Lead Technicians.

4. Experience using dichotomous botanical keys and field guides, familiarity with the major plant families, and knowledge of western flora and/or wetland species preferred (required for at least one member of each team).

5. Experience with aerial photography (Google Earth), navigating with a topographic map, and use of GPS preferred for all positions and required for Lead Technicians. Experience with ArcGIS preferred for Lead Technicians, but not required.

6. Willingness and ability to work long hours and unusual schedules, travel extensively during the field season, share living quarters in rustic field housing, bunkhouses, and car camping, and potentially backpack and hike long distances (up to 10 miles / day) while carrying a heavy pack (up to 40 lbs) required for all positions.

7. Willingness and ability to work with a positive attitude in field conditions that include exposure to inclement weather, rugged terrain, hot or cold weather (30Ãf¢ÒÂEURҔ110Ãf’Ò° F), mosquitos, and poisonous plants, all while maintaining a strong commitment to team safety required for all positions.

8. Careful attention to detail and strong written and organizational skills to complete lengthy field forms required for all positions. Experience collecting data electronically using tablets or other devices preferred for all positions.

9. Strong oral communication skills for professional interactions with BLM staff and private landowners required for all positions.

10. A valid driverÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s license required for all positions. Experience driving 4×4 vehicles on rough roads preferred.

11. Wilderness First Aid or other field safety training preferred for all positions.

Reflecting departmental and institutional values, candidates are expected to have the ability to advance the Department’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we at CNHP and CSU take it very seriously and continue to implement and adjust our COVID-19 safety plan to protect the health and safety of our employees and the communities in which we work.

To apply email resume, cover letter, and three references (with phone numbers) to Katrina Castro at Please indicate if you would like to be considered for the Lead Technician and which state you would prefer to work in.

First consideration of applicants will begin January 8, 2021. Applications will continue to be accepted until all positions are filled or until April 30, 2021, whichever comes first. Applicants for the Lead Technician Position are encouraged to apply early.