Student positions in remote sensing – December graduates

Dr. Chunyuan DiaoâÂEURÂ(tm)s group  in the

Department of Geography and GIScience at the University of Illinois at

Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is seeking highly motivated M.S. and Ph.D. students

interested in environmental and quantitative remote sensing beginning Fall,


Research projects in the lab include (but not limited to) advancing and

integrating time series remote sensing, machine learning and deep learning

models, and crop and environmental models, to understand multi-scale

agricultural and forest dynamic processes in response to climate change and

human activities. More information is available at Students admitted to the lab will be

financially supported as research assistants or teaching assistants. The

students in the lab are encouraged to develop their own projects based on

the research interests, and will work on high-performance and cloud

computing platforms to advance remote sensing-related science.

The desired candidates will have

1)     A bachelor or master degree in remote sensing, geography,

statistics, computer science, ecology, environmental science, or a closely

related field;

2)     Strong programming and computing skills;

3)     Solid background in remote sensing, statistics, and GIS;

4)     Interests in agricultural/forest scientific discoveries;

5)     Proficiency in spoken/written English.

Please check the webpage

of the department for

application details. To receive full consideration, qualified applicants

should complete their applications by *December 19, 2020*.

Interested students are highly encouraged to contact Dr. Chunyuan Diao ( with CV, copies of transcripts, TOEFL (if

applicable), and a brief statement of research experience and interests.

The Department of Geography and GIScience at the UIUC offers an

extraordinary environment for remote sensing and GIScience research and

education. The department is part of the School of Earth, Society &

Environment (SESE) which includes three departments (Geography and

GIScience; Geology; and Atmospheric Sciences). SESE hosts its own

high-performance computing cluster and supports a multidisciplinary program

in geospatial and environmental studies. The National Center for

Supercomputing Applications at the UIUC provides cutting-edge computing,

data storage, and visualization resources. Students working in the lab have

excellent opportunities to work in high-performance and cloud computing

environment to advance remote sensing and related science.