Osa Conservation is hiring a Research Field Assistant for our Wildlife Program

Osa Conservation is hiring a Wildlife Research Field Assistant. You can

learn more about the position and Osa Conservation by visiting our website

*Osa Conservation – Wildlife Research Field Assistant (9-months; January âÂEUR”

October 2021) *

Food and accommodation included at the Osa Conservation Campus – Osa

Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Monthly stipend included – dependent on experience.

*Wildlife Research Field Assistant position summary *

The Osa Conservation Wildlife ProgramâÂEURÂ(tm)s mission is to protect, restore and

safeguard OsaâÂEURÂ(tm)s wildlife for future generations. It does this by combating

four major threats: 1) poaching, 2) data gaps in wildlife populations, 3)

habitat fragmentation and 4) climate change. The program combats these four

major threats via executing ecosystem-scale data collection, trailing and

implementing conservation technologies, and recruiting region-wide

stakeholder participation and citizen science to restore degraded and

disconnected habitats and rewild lost wildlife populations. These actions

allow long-term viable wildlife populations to be restored and maintained

for healthy ecosystem function.

The Wildlife Research Field Assistant will assist Osa ConservationâÂEURÂ(tm)s

wildlife team with field work efforts to assess the health and status of

OsaâÂEURÂ(tm)s wildlife community and explore new approaches to overcome the

challenges listed above. They will do this by executing region-scale

wildlife assessments, trialling rewilding techniques, assessing the success

of restoration approaches and implementing technology in monitoring and

protection efforts.

*Role and Responsibilities:*

Ò·         Execute wildlife monitoring via traditional survey techniques and

data entry in the 40 Osa Verde Experimental Restoration Plots as part of a

team. Including dung beetle pitfall trapping, bird point counts, butterfly

trapping, amphibian surveys and mammal camera trapping.

Ò·         Execute regular monitoring and maintenance of artificial nest

boxes (bird and bat) via camera trapping and endoscopes, compile and

analyse results for a short communication/publication.

Ò·         Assist the restoration team with tree growth and mortality

measuring in the 40 Osa Verde experimental restoration plots.

Ò·         Maintain and monitor white-lipped peccary food banks and tapir

mineral licks.

Ò·         Utilize and become an ambassador for citizen science apps

(iNaturalist, eBird, Instant Wild and eMammal) to monitor the incredible

biodiversity of a tropical rainforest system.

Ò·         Assist the tree climbing team to maintain and install

connectivity tools (rope bridges) and canopy camera traps to monitor

success and wildlife movements.

Ò·         Work alongside Osa Conservations Media and Communications

Coordinator to design, create and execute an impactful Wild Cat

Conservation media campaign and a Ridge-to-Reef Photography Competition.

Ò·         Assist the wildlife team in region-wide field work activities and

social surveys.

Ò·         Create content for personal and organizational social media

accounts to promote the work of the wildlife program and communicate

stories of a young wildlife biologist in the field.

Ò·         Execute monthly equipment cleaning and inventory and data

management checks.

Ò·         Attend bi-weekly science meetings to interact with Osa

Conservations science team and outside researchers.

*Skills and Attributes Required:*

Ò·         BSc degree in a wildlife, environmental or conservation topic or

in the process of completing one.

Ò·         Fluent in English and Spanish (Oral and Written).

Ò·         Knowledge and experience in wildlife monitoring surveys.

Ò·         Physically fit and able to work long hours in a difficult and

harsh environment.

Ò·         Good team member with excellent communication skillsâÂEUR” able to

live and work with a multicultural team.

Ò·         Able to live in basic living conditions and tropical rainforest

conservation campus.

Ò·         Hard working and passionate with a desire to learn and improve âÂEUR”

willing to put the hard work in to go the extra mile for conservation

efforts and personal career development.

Ò·         Excellent computer skills with a confidence in all Microsoft and

Google programs.

To apply send your CV and cover letter (including links to your social

media accounts) with subject title âÂEURÂoeWildlife RFA 2021âÂEUR to Wildlife Program

Coordinator eleanorflatt@osacosnervation.org by the 30th November 2020.