Forest Service – Forest Inventory and Analysis Outreach Notice; Forestry Technician (Crew Member)



Date: Thu,  5 Nov 2020 19:56:22

From: “Rigsby, Kathryn – FS” <>

Subject: ******Forest Service – Forest Inventory and Analysis Outreach Notice; Forestry Technician (Crew Member)*****


USDA Forest Service

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Data Collection Team

Temporary Seasonal (1039) Crew Member GS-0462-05/06

    PLEASE REPLY by November 11, 2020

We are outreaching for opportunities to join our 2021 Data Collection Team! Currently, we anticipate hiring up to 15 seasonal 1039 positions to any of our 16 satellite duty locations in Washington, Oregon and California (see outreach response form for full list). Positions will be filled based on changes in current work force at the start of the 2021 Field Season.

About the positions:

The PNWRS FIA unit is part of a nationwide program which collects, processes, analyzes, evaluates, and publishes comprehensive information on forest and other related renewable resources.

These Crew Member positions will support sampling field plots located on a systematic grid across all land ownerships and will be almost entirely field based. A wide variety of information is collected in the inventory, including: tree measurements; forest pathogens; understory vegetation composition and structure; stand treatments and disturbances; down woody material measurements; and land ownership. The areas sampled for the Forest Inventory by the PNW Research Station cover a diversity of ecological communities.

All field staff work under the direction of a State Coordinator. Forestry Technician Crew Members join a crew of up to four individuals and report directly to Crew Leaders at their duty location. Data collection efforts require significant travel (40-80%) with lodging in motels/hotels in addition to backpacking/camping. In all areas, work conditions are arduous. In some locations the work day often exceeds 10 hours. Work may be performed in inclement weather (cold, heat, rain, snow) and on rugged, steep, slippery, and/or brushy slopes. Significant amounts of on-trail and off-trail hiking is required. Field crews must carry a 45lb pack daily, with pack weights sometimes exceeding 60lbs. Exposure to hazards such as poison oak, bears, and insects is common. Travel by helicopter, stock animal, or boat may be required.


If you are interested in these vacancies, please use the attached response form to express your interest by November 11, 2020. Applicants are encouraged to provide their resume tailored to this opportunity. You can send your responses electronically to: Please use the subject line “Forestry Technician”.

Note: For information on temporary crew member vacancies with the Coastal Alaska FIA program, please contact Sarah Ellison at: 907-227-3963, or via email at:

Please forward to those who may be of interest!