Lab and Collections Manager Position: Conservation Genomics, Colorado State University

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 17:49:34


Subject: Lab and Collections Manager Position: Conservation Genomics, Colorado State University

Lab and Collections Manager Position: Conservation Genomics, Colorado State University

The Ruegg Lab at Colorado State University is seeking a highly organized, enthusiastic, and motivated scientist to fill a Conservation Genomics Lab and Collections Manager position. The successful candidate will work closely with our multi-disciplinary team of technical staff, graduate students, senior researchers, post-docs and faculty within the Biology Department at Colorado State as well as part of the multi-institutional Bird Genoscape Project. For more information on our research please see the Bird Genoscape Project website ( as well as the Ruegg lab website ( You can also view this job posting as a PDF here:

Duties will include, but are not limited to:

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Preparing whole genome sequencing libraries.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Genotyping SNPs using Fluidigm equipment and assays.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    DNA extractions from feathers, blood, and tissue, as well as museum samples.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Managing and training undergraduate volunteer and work study students.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Ordering supplies and equipment maintenance.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Curating a 200,000+ blood, feather, and tissue sample collection.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Renewing permits and submitting annual reports to appropriate agencies.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Maintaining collaborator relations, shipping sampling supplies, and receiving samples.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Maintaining compliance with environmental and safety procedures.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Organizing lab events and maintaining lab website and social media pages

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Managing written protocols, Standard Operating Procedures, etc. for lab and field work.

Minimum Qualifications Include:

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Bachelors or MasterÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s degree in biology, genetics or a related field is preferred.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Extremely strong organization skills and the ability to work as part of a team as

well as accomplish tasks independently.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Excellent communications skills and a willingness to follow instructions and

direct others when needed.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Extreme attention to detail.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Excellent and thorough laboratory notebook maintenance abilities.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Experience with basic and intermediate laboratory methods, including pipetting,

PCR, gel electrophoresis, and DNA extraction.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Strong desire to learn new genomic sequencing methodologies.

Also desired:

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Experience with whole genome and transcriptome library preparation.

Ãf¢ÒÂEURÒ¢    Experience with database management.

Start date and duration: Preferred start date is on or before Jan. 15, but is open to negotiation; Initially, the appointment will be for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of extending it to 2 years or more dependent upon performance and the availability of research funds.

Applications: Interested applications should contact Teia Schweizer ( before Oct. 15. Please include a cover letter, CV, and contact information for 3 references in a single document. In the cover letter please highlight your previous laboratory experience and interest in conservation genomics. This will be a full- time position, with benefits and an annual salary commensurate with experience.