Smithsonian’s MarineGEO Seagrass Internship, Fall 2020

Smithsonian’s MarineGEO Seagrass Internship, Fall 2020

Smithsonian MarineGEO seeks to recruit a motivated intern to join our team for the fall of 2020. The intern will primarily assist with processing data from SeagrassNET, the largest and longest-running seagrass survey on the planet, and the 2020 MarineGEO Global Seagrass Survey, which is currently underway. As part of this effort, we will work with the intern to formulate a novel research question that they will investigate as part of these larger efforts. They will also be able to engage in other MarineGEO and Smithsonian activities, including regular team meetings, discussions, and workshops.

We seek a recent graduate with strong quantitative and computer skills, including proficiency in the R statistical software and Microsoft Office suite. The ideal applicant should have a background in marine ecology and biology. The intern must be highly self-motivated and able to work independently, as they will be based remotely, and must have access to a computer and internet to perform tasks full-time and participate in regular video conferences with MarineGEO staff. The internship will be paid and last approximately 10 weeks, with an option to extend, and the start date is negotiable (but no later than October 2020).

MarineGEO values diversity in all forms. This is an equal opportunity internship, and we encourage persons from any group historically marginalized in marine ecology to apply.

To learn more about MarineGEO, please visit:

If interested, please submit a single PDF including cover letter, resume, and two references to with the subject line Ãf¢ÒÂEURÃ’ÂoeMarineGEO Fall 2020 InternshipÃf¢ÒÂEURҝ by August 31, 2020.

Stipend is $550 per 40-hour week.