JOB: Landscape Scale Planner with New Mexico State Land Office

The New Mexico State Land Office (NMSLO) is hiring its first-ever Landscape Scale Planner.  We would be grateful for your help in circulating this job announcement so that we can attract a talented and well-qualified pool of candidates.

This job exists to develop, employ, and institutionalize landscape scale planning at the New Mexico State Land Office to secure better long term conservation outcomes for state trust land while optimizing the location and generation of revenue generating activities. Historically, NMSLO’s land decisions have been predominantly made on a project by project basis. While NMSLO is involved in several collaborative planning projects across the state, we recognize the need to shift toward even broader based resource planning that allows for more comprehensive public input and, consequently, proactive planning and land use.

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This posting closes on June 11th.

More information

The Planner will research and choose landscape-scale planning models best suited for NMSLO and state trust land, recognizing that these lands are widely distributed across New Mexico with varied levels of contiguity and intermixed jurisdictions. These planning models will need to address state trust landÃf¢ÒÂEURÃ’Â(tm)s diverse natural and cultural resources, uses, and levels of economic activity. The Planner will also need to develop a rationale for choosing planning areas for initiating this program. The Planner will use NMSLO’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and work with NMSLO staff to inventory resources present, revenue-generating opportunities, and conservation opportunities on state trust land. This includes augmenting our GIS with additional data, as needed, to apply the selected planning model(s). The Planner will use these data and analyses to inform decision-making and engage stakeholders in the planning process. These stakeholders include tribes and pueblos, state and federal agencies, local communities and governments, current state trust land lessees, conservation and recreation interests, soil and water conservation districts, and industry partners. The Planner will produce area land use plans with strategies for conserving trust resources and identifying preferred locations for revenue-generating activities. The Planner will explore options for institutionalizing landscape-scale planning at NMSLO.

The ideal candidate will have:

-A Bachelor or graduate degree in land-use planning or a closely related discipline.

-Demonstrated history of leading or participating in complex land planning efforts that address both economic and conservation outcomes.

-Ability to engage and gather priorities from assorted stakeholders.

-Demonstrated knowledge of innovative land planning tools and techniques.

-Skilled in data management and analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

You can read more about this position and apply for this job by going to the website referenced above.