Caving Position Available in Montana

*Position Information*

The Montana Conservation Corps is partnering with the  U.S. Forest Service

and Bureau of Land Management to conduct cave inventory and monitoring of

cave resources. Cave entrance location from a November 2017 recon flight

and other information sources will be used to identify potential caves for

inventory, monitoring and significance evaluation.

Duties will include:

   – navigating to the points collected during the helicopter flight use


   – investigating to see if the location is a cave entrance, document what

   they find using a standardized inventory protocol and digital photos

   – locating and entering cave systems to document and monitor physical

   cave characteristics, including biologic, geologic, hydrologic, and

   cultural resource

   – incorporating findings into work on USFS and BLM Cave Management Plans

   and Federal Cave Resources Protection Act significant cave designations

   – additional time will be spent organizing and compiling data, including

   digital photos, populating inventory databases and/or hard copy files.

Program Dates:

   – May 13th – October 2nd


   – AmeriCorps Living Stipend – $504 biweekly

   – AmeriCorps Education Award $2,360 upon completion of the program

   – Health Insurance at no cost

   – Shared bunkhouse housing provided

Anyone interested should apply* HERE


*Preferential Application Deadline: March 15, 2020 *