Full Time Research Lab Tech – Experimental Microbial Evolution
> University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
> The Zaman Lab ( at the University of Michigan is housed in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department and is part of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. We do a mix of computational and microbial experiments to understand how host-parasite interactions shape the biological world. To test and develop coevolutionary theories in the lab, we use model communities of E. coli and bacteriophage, viruses that specifically infect bacteria.
> We are looking to hire a full-time research technician to support our work primarily in the wet lab, but computational skills/interests are a definite plus.
> Note: This is a one (1) year term limited appointment with a start date of approximately April 1, 2020.
> *Responsibilities*
> 50% – Daily transfers of microbial cultures, developing assays for measuring evolved microbial traits (e.g., growth curves, competition assays, flow cytometry, sequencing), daily maintenance of ongoing experiments.
> 20% – Analysis of results, preparation of figures for publication and presentation, aid in writing for papers and grants.
> 20% – Training of temporary, hourly, and undergraduate students, maintaining lab safety training records, Overseeing undergraduates in basic lab maintenance tasks.
> 10% – General lab maintenance, ordering and inventory of laboratory supplies, managing shared equipment sign up, etc.,
> *Required Qualifications*
> Associate’s degree in biology, genetics, or microbiology with 1-2 years of previous experience performing independent research in a microbiology lab.
> Expertise with aseptic technique and microbial culturing.
> The ability to work well in a collaborative environment, and the willingness to mentor undergraduates.
> *Desired Qualifications*
> Experience with basic molecular techniques (e.g., primer design, PCR, cloning), and programing (e.g., python, R) are desirable.
> **TO APPLY**
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