Two forest field tech positions with the Missouri Botanical Garden (last call

We are seeking to hire two field technicians for the summer of 2020. The technicians will be involved with a project that examines how microclimate and macroclimate affect the distributions of woody and herbaceous species of temperate mixed-species forests. Specifically, the field technicians will work with project staff at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Washington University in St. Louis to survey forest plots and monitor microclimate stations at Tyson Research Center. Tyson is a large, mostly forested, field station located ~10 miles west of Saint Louis, Missouri. Saint Louis has a highly active and friendly ecology and evolution community, and this position will provide opportunities to interact with multiple researchers at Tyson Research Center, Washington University, and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Requirements include:

•    Interest in botany and a demonstrated ability to identify eastern US tree species

•    Prior field work experience is required for this position

•    Ability to traverse rugged terrain, carry a 20-lb backpack

•    Ability to work outside in inclement weather conditions

•    Ability to work independently of supervision

•    Careful attention to detail

Desirable qualifications include:

•    Ability to identify forest herbs

•    Prior experience using a hand-held GPS unit to locate forest plots or other sampling sites in field conditions

•    Prior experience establishing and monitoring forest plots

•    Prior independent research experience is a plus

Technicians would be responsible for their own transportation to and from Tyson, as well as for room and board, although there is a possibility to rent an apartment at the Missouri Botanical Garden for most of the summer (conditional on availability of Garden housing).  Work will be as an independent contractor for $15/hour for 40 hours a week. We envision a starting date for both positions in late May, and expect the positions to last for ~2 months.

To apply, please send: 1) a cover letter; 2) a resume; and 3) contact information for three references to CV to Dr. Stephen Murphy (  For questions, please contact Dr. Murphy or Dr. Adam Smith ( Applications will be reviewed starting Wednesday, February 19th, 2020.

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