Full-time Research Technician Opening – Florida

Archbold Biological Station’s Buck Island Ranch (BIR), and the Institute

for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the University of

Illinois (UIUC), Urbana-Champaign seeks a full time technician. Archbold

operates a full scale working cattle ranch at BIR, which provides a

unique platform for long-term agro-ecology research. The successful

intern will be supervised by Drs. Evan H DeLucia (UIUC;

https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.life.illinois.edu%2Fdelucia%2Findex.htm&data=02%7C01%7Cmadeline.hennessey%40uconn.edu%7Cb5ee64c64a7a4f6ad9ee08d7aa24a65c%7C17f1a87e2a254eaab9df9d439034b080%7C0%7C0%7C637164946707283369&sdata=zrOUWj6WhtVda9kR8pbeRXlKWwCGGaa55V7jlcInbPM%3D&reserved=0) and Nuria

Gomez-Casanovas (UIUC;


) and

Dr. Elizabeth Boughton (BIR).

The overall goal of the project is to investigate the environmental

sustainability of sugarcane for biofuel production. Our objectives are

to: (1) Characterize the impact of sugarcane cultivation on the

regulation of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs; CO2, CH4 and N2O) compared to

managed grazed pasture; (2) Quantify the efficiency at which sugarcane

and pastures use water; and, (3) explore the impact of sugarcane

cultivation on nitrogen and phosphorus losses versus pasture.

This is a non-tenured, full time, 12-month position, and can be renewed

annually for an additional two years, contingent on progress, and the

availability of funds.


The successful candidate will assist with the maintenance of eddy

covariance towers, and with sampling of field experiments at BIR in

Florida, U.S. The balance of the technician’s time will be spent in the

laboratory for the following: analyzing soil, water, gas, and plant

samples; preparing field supplies; maintaining field instrumentation

related to this project (including eddy covariance, canopy and soil

chambers); processing data. Depending on experience, there is also

opportunity to assist with data compilation and analysis.

*Required qualifications*: A bachelor’s degree in biology, environmental

science, chemistry, or related field; basic computer skills (MS Word,


*Preferred qualifications: *Research experience in the field and in the

laboratory related to biogeochemistry (e.g., trace gas flux

measurements, soil and water sampling, gas chromatography, eddy

covariance); experience working on farms and with farmers; experience

working in subtropical and tropical sugarcane plantations and rangeland.

Demonstrated knowledge of troubleshooting environmental monitoring

equipment is desired.

The position is located at BIR, a 10,500-acre cattle ranch near Lake

Placid, FL, with shared housing available on site.This is a full-time

position, although the duties of the jobs may change as contract or

grant turnover occurs.Competitive salary with full benefits.Applicants

should send 1) a letter of application, 2) a resume or CV with relevant

coursework and experience, and 3) names, phone numbers and e-mail

addresses for three references to Dr. Nuria Gomez-Casanovas at

ngomezca@igb.illinois.edu .Application

deadline is *Feb 15, 2020*, and the position will remain open until

filled.Contact Dr. Gomez-Casanovas via e-mail for more information.