Marbled Murrelet Surveyor – Western & Southern Oregon

Turnstone Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Marbled Murrelet Surveyor – Western & Southern Oregon

Turnstone is a small, locally owned environmental consulting firm. We help our clients protect and manage shared natural resources with solutions that are practical, forward thinking, and built on a foundation of good science. We are passionate, motivated, and team-oriented professionals who all started as seasonal field technicians ourselves and now strive to be leaders in the wildlife field. Turnstone is currently hiring multiple field biologists to conduct surveys for the marbled murrelet, a threatened species of seabird that nests primarily in coastal old growth forests. These positions are considered full-time seasonal. Surveys will be on federal, state and private lands in beautiful western Oregon. Marbled murrelet surveys follow an exacting protocol, and surveyors will be required to work independently during pre-dawn hours in remote areas. The work involves extensive travel, hiking off-trail in the dark (often long distances), navigating forest terrain, enduring regular periods of inclement weather and often working multiple days in a row (some weekend work will be required).

Surveyors will be stationed with their crew in one of several communities in western Oregon, to include but not limited to general areas around Astoria, Corvallis, Forest Grove, Nehalem, McMinnville, Tillamook or Coquille areas (see additional details on Coquille below). Positions begin mid-April and run through late July or early August, with the possibility of extension and/or earlier start depending on project needs. Mandatory marbled murrelet training and surveyor certification will be held in Northern California in late April prior to the start of surveys. Full-season project commitment is necessary from mid-April to early August 2020. Please note that opportunity to take leave for non-emergency reasons during the summer season is limited and should be discussed when interviewing for the position.  Essential work periods are as follows for the 2020 survey season: April 19-24, June 24-25, and July 1-21 (including July 4). Opportunities to work on other projects after the end of the murrelet season may be available for the excellent employee. Salary is $2500-2800/month ($14.42 – 16.15/hr), depending on experience. Field housing at no cost to the employee is provided for the duration of work in most areas, depending on the project. Occasional camping is expected. A work vehicle will be provided (carpooling may be necessary); surveyors that use an appropriate personal vehicle for project activities will be reimbursed via a monthly stipend of $800.

Coquille Position(s): One or more positions will be located in southern Oregon, in or around the Coquille area. These positions require especially frequent strenuous physical activity, including extensive backcountry hiking in steep and brushy terrain and regular backcountry camping. Ideal candidates for these positions will be extremely comfortable working in the woods on their own and have a high level of physical fitness. Due to the nature of these positions, salaries will range from $2600-$2900, depending on experience and position.

Minimum Requirements:

Applicants should have a completed B.S. degree in wildlife biology or a closely-related field. A minimum of one year of field experience is strongly preferred. Marbled murrelet experience is not required if the applicant has strong field skills, basic bird identification skills, and an interest in avian biology. A portion of the daily work is pre-dawn and can be physically and mentally demanding. An ideal candidate will possess the following characteristics:

*        Excellent time and data management/organization skills.

*        A consistent track record of working in a safe and efficient manner.

*        Proficiency using a compass, GPS and topographic map to navigate.

*        Excellent physical condition, with the ability to tackle the rigors of field work, comfortable hiking alone off-trail in steep and variable terrain and underbrush in the dark and/or inclement weather.

*        Experience living and working in rural and remote field and office settings is preferred.

*        Working knowledge of western bird identification by sight and sound.

*        The ability and willingness to spend long hours in the field and work odd hours, including very early morning.

*        Integrity, quality, and accuracy in adhering to scientific protocols.

*        The ability to record accurate, legible and reliable field data.

*        Ability to adapt to sudden changes in work schedules due to weather conditions, survey results, and other variables.

*        Basic computer skills required: Microsoft suite (Access, Word, Excel), manage digital data forms and cloud files, and general computer knowledge.

*        Flexible, detail-oriented, resourceful, and comfortable working independently or as part of a team.

*        A valid state-issued driver’s license with clean driving record and the ability to navigate forest roads of variable condition and operate a 4WD vehicle.

*        Applicants must have normal vision and hearing, with required proof (hearing screen results) to be submitted prior to the start of work.

To Apply:

To apply, please complete an application and prepare a resume and cover letter to be submitted through the employment section of our website. EMAILED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. When applying, please indicate location preference in your cover letter, if desired. More open positions posted to company website.

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