Job Announcement – Indiana Bat Telemetry Technician – Northern Plains of Missouri

The Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation at Indiana State

University is recruiting Field Technicians to aid in a 12-week study of

bats in the northern plains of Missouri. The Missouri Bat Project is an

8-year study and collaboration between the Center for Bat Research,

Outreach, and Conservation and the Missouri Department of Conservation. The

main goal of the project is to understand how federally endangered Indiana

bats (*Myotis sodalis*) are affected by timber management on state-owned

conservation lands in northeast Missouri. Technicians will aid Drs.

Clarissa Starbuck and Joy O’Keefe, two PhD students, and an MS student in

gathering data on bat distributions, health, and population density on six

conservation areas. The Bat Center will provide housing and field vehicles

to conduct the research. Working on this project, students will gain

extensive wildlife experience, including bat capture and handling (if

rabies vaccinated), radio telemetry, conducting exit counts at bat roosts,

deployment of acoustic detectors, navigating in rugged and forested areas

using a compass and map, and managing data for a long-term project. We

anticipate long days in the field and can say with certainty that you will

encounter at least one of the following on a daily basis: ticks, spiders,

chiggers, venomous snakes, poison ivy, mud, hot weather, and rain. You will

live and work in a team environment.


Northeastern Missouri. Nearest city is Kirksville, MO.


Temporary, full-time position. $400/week for 11 or 12 weeks, beginning 16

May 2020. Bunk housing and field vehicle will be provided. Indiana State

University will not pay for relocation costs (moving expenses).


Must have a* positive attitude, strong work ethic, and be in good physical

condition. It is also critical that you are detail oriented and interested

in collecting data for research studies*. Must possess a valid driver’s

license and pass driving record check.

Desired: Experience navigating using GPS and topographic maps. Proficiency

with radio telemetry in difficult terrain. Applicants who have experience

with bats and who have completed the pre-exposure series of rabies

vaccinations will be given priority.

Application process: To apply for this position, *send resume and names of

three references as one pdf file* to Clarissa Starbuck at


. Applications received by 17 February 2020

will be given highest consideration*. In the subject line of your email,

please include “Missouri Bat Technician.”

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