Graduate position: UNorthDakota.WildlifeGenomicsPaleoecology

U. North Dakota. WildlifeGenomicsPaleoecology.
> The Laboratory of Evolutionary and Forensic Genetics at the University of
> North Dakota ( is inviting applications from highly motivated
> students who pursue a PhD degree. MS candidates will be also considered.
> Students will be engaged in a project on the historic, current and future
> status of bison herds from biological, archaeological, and cultural
> perspectives. This cross-disciplinary project represents an opportunity
> to get intensive training in the methods of ancient and modern DNA
> analyses including high-throughput genome sequencing, stable isotope
> studies, computational analysis and statistical modelling. The examples
> of our recent publications: Ovchinnikov et al. Diversity and Origin of
> the Feral Horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  PLoS One, 2018,
> 13(8); Davies et al. Isotopic Paleoecology of Northern Great Plains Bison
> during the Holocene.  Scientific Reports, 2019, 9(1): 16637. Although
> the wildlife project is focused on bison genetics and paleoecology, we
> have opportunities to develop new projects on computational analysis of
> big oral and environmental microbiome data as well as on genomics and
> microbiome study of human migrations and evolution.
> Candidates should demonstrate motivation for hard laboratory work and
> strong interest in genomics and computational biology. Preference will be
> given to candidates with a proven record of computational analysis and
> bioinformatics skills. Additional experience in sequencing technologies
> is a plus.
> If you are interested, you need to apply to the University of North Dakota
> Biology Graduate Program using the regular procedure. Requirements and
> How to Apply procedure can be found in the UND Biology Graduate School
> websites:
> The additional information can be also found in the Biology Department
> website:
> The position starts in August 2020. To receive full consideration, the
> Biology Graduate Program needs to receive your applications and required
> materials by February 15, 2020.
> Potential graduate students are also encouraged to make contact with
> Dr. Igor Ovchinnikov.
> Contact information:
> Dr. Igor Ovchinnikov
> Associate Professor
> Lab. of Evolutionary and Forensic Genetics
> Department of Biology
> Forensic Science Program
> University of North Dakota
> Email:
> “Ovtchinnikov, Igor” <>