Undergraduate REU Opportunity

Project title: Examining Atlantic cod stock structure in the Northwest Atlantic through morphometric analysis


Description: The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) fishery has played an important role in the ecosystem, economy, and history of the Northwest Atlantic. In US waters, Atlantic cod are managed as two regional stocks, the Gulf of Maine stock and Georges Bank stock, which includes the poorly understood southern New England subpopulation. In order to better characterize the relationship of southern New England cod to other spawning groups in the region, the McMahon lab is recruiting a student to use image analysis software to identify and characterize morphometric differences among cod captured throughout US waters. The student will also be involved with field work collecting, identifying, and enumerating fish on the URI-GSO weekly fish trawl survey, the longest continuous fish monitoring program in the world. The student will learn about the biology/ecology of regional fisheries and gain new skills in field sampling, laboratory analyses, and data analysis.


Requirements: We are seeking a motivated student who is able to work as part of a team and independently. The student should be comfortable working on the water in a variety of weather conditions. Coding and data analysis experience is preferred. A background/interest in biology/marine biology is preferred.


Primary Advisor: Dr. Kelton McMahon

Student mentors: Nina Santos, Joe Langan, & Maggie Heinichen


Application Deadline: February 21, 2020


More information about the SURFO REU program: https://web.uri.edu/gso/academics/surfo/