Graduate Position: MississippiStateU.EvolutionaryGenomicsReproduction

The Dapper Lab ( at Mississippi State University
> is recruiting graduate students (M.S. or PhD) for positions starting
> Fall 2020.
> The Dapper Lab is broadly interested in using evolutionary genetic
> approaches to understand the origin and maintenance of genetic diversity
> �V primarily through studying the evolution of reproduction.   Students
> will have the opportunity to develop independent research projects
> that combine population genetic, quantitative genetic, bioinformatic,
> mathematical models, and/or molecular genetic approaches.  Current topics
> of interest in the lab include the evolution of meiotic genes in mammals,
> experimental evolution of recombination in nematodes, and the rapid
> evolution of reproductive genes.
> Interested students should contact Dr. Amy Dapper
> (, providing a description of your research
> interests and experiences and a CV or resume.
> For full consideration for the fall semester, applications
> should be submitted to the department by February 28th, 2018.
> Information on Graduate Studies in the Department of Biological
> Sciences ( is available at
> Amy L. Dapper
> Department of Biological Sciences
> Mississippi State University
> “Dapper, Amy” <>