GBI/BLM Aquatic Monitoring Program Now Hiring

The Great Basin Institute is an interdisciplinary field studies

organization that promotes environmental research, education, and service

throughout the West. The Institute’s mission is to advance applied science

and ecological literacy through community engagement and agency

partnerships, supporting national parks and forests, open spaces and public


The Aquatic Monitoring Program at GBI serves as an excellent development

opportunity for natural resource professionals seeking experience in

aquatic, riparian, and rangeland surveys. A component of our

well-established Research Associate Program, GBI’s Aquatic Monitoring

effort is dedicated to providing college graduates and emerging

professionals with hands-on survey, inventory, monitoring, and reporting

experience in natural resource management. Extensive training and technical

field skills development provides employees a unique opportunity to obtain

valuable experience that will increase future success.

To learn more and apply, please follow the links below:

Field Technician

Field Lead

Riparian Botanist