Graduate position: OhioU.ComparativePopGenetics

The Alvarado-Serrano Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at
> Ohio University is recruiting highly motivated PhD students interested
> in working on comparative spatial population genetics beginning in Fall
> 2020. Work in the lab is truly integrative and focuses on combining
> fieldwork, genomic analyses, and a variety of bioinformatic, statistical,
> and geospatial approaches to understand how the environmental context
> of populations shape their evolutionary trajectories. For this, we
> integrate theoretical and simulation-based inferences with empirical
> work on multiple systems (including small terrestrial mammals in
> the northern Andes). More about research in the lab can be found
> at: If interested, please email me
> ( with the subject line “Prospective Graduate Student”
> and include a CV and a brief cover letter describing research interests
> and relevant experiences.
> The Alvarado-Serrano lab is committed to diversity and inclusion
> and welcomes applications from students with diverse backgrounds,
> perspectives, and experiences. Ohio University¢s deadline for applying
> to graduate school is Jan. 8. More information about the program can be
> found at:
> Diego F. Alvarado-Serrano
> Assistant Professor
> Biological Sciences Department
> Ohio University
> Website:
> “Alvarado Serrano, Diego” <>