Graduate Position: NorthDakotaStateU.EvolutionBehavior

The Dochtermann Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Dakota
> State University is seeking to fill a PhD assistantship examining the
> ecological and/or evolutionary implications of behavioral syndromes
> (correlations between behaviors). In our lab we focus on evolutionary
> questions regarding the maintenance of variation within and among
> populations and the evolutionary implications of trait correlations. The
> student will develop and pursue their own research topics under this general
> topic.
> The position will start Fall Semester 2020. The student will be housed and
> working in the Department of Biological Sciences
> ( with their degree awarded through the NDSU
> Environmental Sciences and Conservation Program (
> Requirements: Bachelors or Masters in ecology, evolution, animal behavior,
> or related field; experience collecting and analyzing data; ability to work
> independently and as part of a larger collaborative group.
> Preferred: MSc preferred; experience conducting quantitative genetic
> experiments; field research experience
> If interested please contact me at with a brief
> synopsis of your research interests.