Graduate Position: TexasAMU.DeNovoGenesEvolution

PhD Positions in Brassicaceae de novo gene evolution and function

The Casola and Pepper labs at Texas A&M University seek candidate PhD
students to work on de novo gene evolution. This project will combine
comparative genomics, machine learning approaches and reverse genetics
to study the evolutionary dynamics and biological impact of de novo
gene in Brassicaceae, with a special focus on Arabidopsis thaliana and
Brassica spp.

Prospective students should email a short description of research
interests and a CV to Claudio Casola ( or Alan Pepper
( Students are encouraged to get in touch as
soon as possible in order to be eligible for funding opportunities
through the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology interdisciplinary program For full
consideration, applications for Fall 2020 to the EEB program should be
received by December 9, 2019.

Individuals from underrepresented groups in STEM are particularly
encouraged to apply.