Graduate position: MichiganStateU.WeedEvolution

Job Description:
> The Patterson lab at Michigan State University is looking for a PhD
> student interested in genome evolution and how novel variation can be
> generated during periods of intense abiotic stress over short generational
> timescales.  Students will develop independent dissertation projects that
> explore how human selection can change weedy genomes in agroecosystems
> and what that might mean for the future of weed control. Applications
> received before January 1st, 2019 will be given full consideration.
> Lab Description:
> Dr. Patterson’s research program utilizes the most current techniques
> in genomics to understand the structure and plasticity of weedy genomes
> and how that plasticity influences the success of weedy species.  We are
> especially interested in how genome rearrangements (i.e. transposable
> elements and copy number variation) form and are utilized as novel sources
> of genetic variation for weed adaptation to abiotic stresses. We also work
> on herbicides and how they affect plant physiology and how resistance
> evolves on rapid timescales in weedy species. We also work to generate
> genomic resources for the weed science community and to discover  the
> molecular mechanisms of resistance.
> Requirements:
> A B.S. in Botany, Genetics, Agronomy, Evolutionary Biology or related
> field.
> How To Apply:
> Contact Dr. Eric Patterson by email: and be sure to
> check: