Graduate position: UNevada_Reno.InsectEvolution

Graduate student positions in multi-sensory integration during search
> behavior
> The van Breugel lab at the University of Nevada, Reno is hiring graduate
> students for Fall 2020 to work on multi-sensory integration in insects
> during search behavior (flies/mosquitoes). Our research lab leverages
> modern engineering and genetic tools available in the fly to study
> fundamental questions in ecology and neuroscience, such as the role of
> temporal and spatial memory in search/foraging.
> The lab is very interdisciplinary and you will have opportunities to
> learn techniques that include field work, wind tunnel experiments,
> 2-D and 3-D real-time tracking, optogenetics & virtual reality,
> and robotics. More information about the lab can be found
> here:
> The position is fully funded through a combination of RA and TA
> appointments.
> The Reno area is a diverse and growing hub for technology, the arts,
> science, and the outdoors. We have riverside parks, lots of summer
> festivals, skiing is only 30 min away, and it’s almost always sunny,
> but rarely gets uncomfortably hot or cold.
> Students can apply throughEcology/Evolution or Integrative
> Neuroscience. Ideal applicants will have some experience with programming
> (python preferred), an interest in tinkering and building things, and a
> fascination with how animals work, but any combination of those skills
> and interests will be considered.
> For more information, please contact me
> taking a look at my website).
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