Graduate position: TexasAMU.MarineMicrobiomeDiversity

Ph.D Assistantship – Marine Biology (Botany)
> Agency/Location: Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, TX
> Responsibilities – A PhD assistantship position is available under the
> advisement of Dr. Barnabas Daru in the direction of Marine Biology. The
> successful applicant will be working on projects in the Marine Biology
> program and has a chance to study the use of herbarium specimens as
> sources of big data for understanding the distributions and diversity
> of marine plant microbiomes. The project includes the use of pressed
> herbarium specimens of marine plants (seagrasses and mangroves) as
> sources of big data by analyzing the diversity of microbiomes, with the
> aim of understanding how climate change and urbanization have affected
> the microbiomes of marine plant species along coasts and estuaries
> of North America spanning the past 120 years. Student will obtain
> Ph.D. degree through the Marine Biology Program, an interdisciplinary
> degree program combining the strengths of three universities within the
> Texas A&M University (TAMU) System; TAMU-Corpus Christi, TAMU-Galveston,
> and TAMU-College Station.
> Qualifications ¡V
> (1) B.S. or M.S. in biological sciences, botany, environmental science,
>    marine science, microbiology or related field.
> (2) Basic knowledge in plant biology, molecular biology, and
>    microbiology. Experience/knowledge with herbarium specimens, DNA
>    extraction and bioinformatics is a plus.
> (3) GPA =3.0.
> (4) 1100 (or 310 in new scoring system) on the verbal and quantitative
>    sections and 3.5 in analytical writing of the GRE.
> Closing Date ¡V December 31, 2019
> Contact ¡V Send cover letter, resume, unofficial transcripts and GRE
> scores to: Dr. Barnabas Daru, through email:
> —