Graduate position: UColorado_Denver.SeasonalPlasticityAdaptation

The Ragland lab at the University of Colorado, Denver, is recruiting
> a PhD student for Fall 2020. Our group is interested in the process of
> adaptation to variable environments at multiple levels of organization,
> from genes, to physiology, to organismal performance. Current projects
> include the study of rapid adaptation of seasonal timing in insects, the
> overwintering physiology and adaptive potential of bark beetle forest
> pests, and the evolution of adaptive (and maladaptive) plasticity. In
> addition to studies leveraging genomic and transcriptomic approaches,
> we are increasingly incorporating techniques from developmental biology
> to understand the regulation of phenology through developmental rate
> modulation. Students with interests in any of these areas are welcome
> to apply.
> More information about the lab and our current research is available on
> our website and through our full publication list on google scholar:
> Interested students should contact Greg Ragland
> ( directly prior to the application deadline,
> 1 December 2019. Our lab is in the Department of Integrative Biology
> (, a diverse group of
> faculty, postdocs, and students with interests spanning molecules to
> ecosystems. Between the downtown and Anschutz Medical campuses, CU
> Denver houses a number of biology-related departments with access to
> state-of-the-art core facilities and computing infrastructure. Financial
> packages will be competitive, and highly qualified students may be
> considered for research assistantships through current NSF grants and/or
> fellowships through University sources.