Graduate position: UAlabama.BeeGenomics

 PhD positions to study the ‘omics cascade of bumble bee cold tolerance
> Funding for PhD students is available at The University of Alabama as
> part of a recently awarded NSF Rules of Life project: “Bumble bee
> cold tolerance across elevations – From epigenotype to phenotype across
> space, time, and levels of biological organization”. PhD students
> will be involved in studying the links between genomic, epigenomic,
> transcriptomic, and metabolomic variation in relation to local thermal
> tolerance adaptation in montane bumble bees ( The
> project will involve extensive high throughput sequencing of bees from
> wild populations and experimental colonies and the use of approaches
> like network theory to model and draw inferences from these complex
> data. Students will develop questions relating to ecological,
> evolutionary, or conservation genomics within the broader project
> objectives. The focus of the positions is flexible, and we expect
> there will be a great deal of collaboration and overlap among students,
> postdocs, and PIs on the project.
> I am looking to recruit highly motivated students with interests in
> applying modern molecular and computational tools to address ecological
> and evolutionary questions in a non-model organism. Applicants should
> have a strong academic record (GPA > 3.0), an ability for clear verbal
> and written communication, and a desire to learn new skills! Students
> funded off the grant will participate in both laboratory molecular work
> (primarily generation of RNAseq and genome/epigenome sequencing libraries)
> and computational analyses, and applicants should thus have some degree
> of experience or interest in both aspects of the project.
> The project will involve collaborations with Janna Fierst at UA,
> Michael Dillon and Franco Basile at the University of Wyoming, and
> James Strange at Ohio State. As part of these collaborations there may
> be opportunities for field work or experimental work with bumble bees,
> depending on student interests and expertise.
> Contact Jeff Lozier ( for more information. Anticipated
> start date will be Fall 2020, but we’re flexible.
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> Lozier Lab:
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