Graduate Position: UFlorida.AntGeneEvolution

 Interested in Genetic and Epigenetic Basis of Social Evolution?
> Apply for Graduate School at the University of Florida (UF)
> The Yan Lab in the UF Biology is seeking graduate researchers to study
> how evolutionary expansion of receptor genes and diversity of sensory
> neurons in ants regulate their social communication and interaction
> with ecological environment, as well as how behavioral plasticity and
> reproductive longevity were evolved in eusocial insects.
> Information on Dr. Yan¢s research and articles
> can be found: Receptor) Epigenetics)
> Interested students are strongly recommended to apply for the graduate
> school at the University of Florida for Fall 2020. The deadline for
> applications to UF Biology is December 1. If you are interested, please
> contact me via email: More information can be found at
> the website:
> The University of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Institution. Individuals
> from under-represented groups in STEM are particularly encouraged
> to apply.
> Hua Yan, Ph.D.
> Department of Biology,University of Florida
> 882 Newell Dr., 511 Carr Hall
PO Box 118525
> Gainesville, FL 32611
> Phone:352-273-4983
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