Graduate position: UUtah.HostParasiteCoevolution

Graduate positions: Host-parasite coevolutionary ecology
> Clayton-Bush Lab, School of Biological Sciences, Univ. of Utah
> We are seeking two highly motivated Ph.D. students interested in the
> evolutionary ecology of bird-parasite systems.  Projects in our lab
> focus on host-parasite coadaptation and diversification.  Most work
> involves birds, their external parasites, and the symbiotic bacteria in
> those parasites.  We integrate systematics, ecology, population genetics,
> experimental evolution, genomics, functional morphology, animal behavior,
> and conservation biology.  Our projects use captive birds in the lab,
> as well as fieldwork at home and abroad, most recently in the Galapagos
> and southern Bahamas.  For more details concerning these projects see
> our lab website:
> Positions will likely be available starting August 2020. Students in
> our lab are supported through a combination of fellowships, research
> assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Support is offered for five
> years, contingent upon reasonable performance.
> Former PhD. students from our lab have strong track records.
> They have obtained positions at academic institutions
> ranging from R1 universities to small colleges and industry:
> For information about the School of Biological Sciences at the University
> of Utah please visit  We are located in Salt Lake
> City, one of the most desirable places to live in the United States
> (particularly if you like hiking/camping in warmer months, and skiing
> in colder months).  Students interested in our lab should apply through
> the School of Biological Sciences grad program in Ecology, Evolution
> and Organismal Biology.  Admission requirements and applications are
> available here:
> Application deadline is January 3rd, 2020.  We are happy to chat with
> potential applicants by Skype.  But please start with an email inquiry
> to one or both of us:
> Dr. Dale H. Clayton (
> Dr. Sarah E. Bush (