Full -time Marine Educator Position at LUMCON

The position is available immediately.

The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON )

is seeking to fill a full-time position within Louisiana’s largest informal

marine education program.  The position is based at the DeFelice Marine

Center in Cocodrie, Louisiana.  LUMCON’s purpose is to enable the next

generation of marine scientists and ocean literate citizens.  We will reach

this goal by providing meaningful and relevant place-base and skill-based

experiences for all visitors, while aiming to have significant impacts on

Louisiana’s diverse citizenry including those populations underrepresented

and underserved in marine science.

The role of the Marine Education Associate/Assistant is to support,

facilitate, and ensure high quality experiences for all visitors within the

LUMCON Marine Education Program.  This includes leading field, lab, and

classroom activities for a wide variety of audiences at the DeFelice Marine

Center and off-site field locations.


more position details and information.

To apply send

   – letter of interest,

   – curriculum vitae

   – and three relevant references

to Murt Conover, LUMCON Associate Director of Education & Outreach