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Texas State University Department of Biology
> Attention prospective graduate students:
> Faculty in the Population and Conservation Biology (PCB) M.S. program
> at Texas State University are actively recruiting new students for Fall
> 2020. The PCB program promotes strong mentor-student relationships
> and student-led research utilizing a variety of study systems. The
> program offers coursework in core areas of ecology, evolutionary biology,
> population genetics and animal behavior, and provides training in genomic
> analyses, GIS and dynamical systems modeling. Our graduates are employed
> in government agencies, environmental consulting firms, and nonprofit
> organizations, and many alumni have gone on to enroll in in a multitude
> of Ph.D. programs nation-wide.
> In order to apply, first review the research interests of Texas State
> Biology professors
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> and then contact a faculty member with whom you might be interested in
> working. Graduate students in the program are supported as Instructional
> (Teaching) Assistants and/or from research grants obtained by the faculty
> members. A number of in-house academic scholarships and research grants
> are also available for students as well.
> Texas State University is located in San Marcos, a fun friendly college
> town not too far from San Antonio (50 miles) and Austin (30 miles).
> This part of Texas is rich in biodiversity, habitat types, outdoor
> recreational opportunities, and boasts unique arts and culture scene. For
> more information on admissions see:
> For more information on the Population and Conservation Biology program
> and how to apply, see
> or contact the program director Dr. Noland Martin.
> Noland H. Martin, PhD
> Dept. of Biology
> Texas State University
601 University Drive
> San Marcos, TX 78666-4684
> Office: 512-245-3317
> Fax: 512-245-8713
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