Graduate position: ArizonaStateU.EarthLifeEvolution

Graduate position: Earth-life evolution, Geo-genomics, informatics
> The Dolby and Kusumi labs at Arizona State University (School of Life
> Sciences) welcome graduate (PhD) applications to work on a new NSF-
> funded project that seeks to understand how Earth processes shape
> genomic evolution and diversification of species. This project includes
> reference genome assembly, population genomics (low coverage genome
> data), seasonal differential expression (RNAseq), and ecological niche
> modeling for at least six mammal, reptile, and plant species. The
> position will emphasize integration informatics including new analytical
> techniques for integrating geological and genomic data. The Dolby lab
> specializes in Earth-life evolution and geo-genomics; the Kusumi lab
> specializes in comparative and functional genomics as well as
> development. Research topics are flexible based on student strengths and
> interests; options include:
> 1. using geologic data to constrain evolutionary genomic models;
> 2. applying new developments from information theory to quantify
>   population genomic divergence;
> 3. standardizing how we quantify landscape change as the work done by
>   physical processes on that landscape.
> The student will work as part of the larger Baja GeoGenomics consortium
> ( and have exceptional opportunity for broad
> training with other biology, geology, and physics collaborators to
> become an integrative interdisciplinary scientist. Students from any STEM
> background are welcome to apply. Women and people from underrepresented
> groups are encouraged to apply. Computational or mathematical strengths
> are desired. An eagerness to work on complex interdisciplinary  problems
> is key along with strong creativity, problem-solving, and communication
> skills. Must be able to work both independently and part of a large
> international team. Inquiries for this position are encouraged. Interested
> students should submit a CV and brief summary of interests including how
> you might apply your background to these ideas (email: Greer Dolby at
> <gadolby (at) asu (dot) edu>). Interested students will need to apply
> to the ASU SOLS PhD program between 1-Oct and 15-Dec.
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