Graduate Position: UFlorida.EvolutionaryGenetics

Graduate Position: University of Florida.Evolutionary Genetics
> The Baer lab ( in the Department of
> Biology at the University of Florida is recruiting a Ph.D student for
> admission in the Fall 2020. Broadly speaking, we study the causes and
> consequences of genetic variation at the phenotypic and genomic level,
> with a specific focus on the interplay between mutation and natural
> selection. We use nematodes in the genus Caenorhabditis as our study
> system. The lab is currently funded by the NIH and NSF.
> The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, a family-friendly
> city of ~200K in North Central Florida, USA. Gainesville has a
> robust night life (or so I hear), and year-round outdoor recreational
> opportunities abound, provided they don’t require topography or snow.
> Please direct inquiries to Charlie Baer (;
> 1-352-392-3550). Information about the Department of Biology can be
> found at: