Job Announcement, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis Program, Forestry Technician Positions for FY20

Vacancy Announcement

USDA Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Research Station

Resource Monitoring & Assessment Program

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)

Forestry Technicians – Crew Members — GS-0462-05/06

General information:

The Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program is advertising to fill  several Forestry Technician, GS-0462-05 and GS-0462-06. These are temporary (1039 hour) seasonal positions with the PNW Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Work Unit, one of four FIA Units across the country that comprise the national Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program.

We are advertising positions in all duty stations in California, Oregon, and Washington, with an anticipated start date of April – May of 2020.  Please know, we may not fill in all duty stations, as staffing needs for next season are still not known.  It is recommended that you apply to any duty station where you would be willing to accept a job.  These positions are being advertised now to fill vacancies for the 2020 field season.

Please pay close attention to the following announcement numbers, as there are two different GS-6 vacancy numbers.

– Interested applicants –

Forestry Technician (Crew Member) GS-0462-05

Job Announcement: 20-TEMP1-PNW-253329-5DT-BV

Control number: 545715800

Open 9/16-9/30

Forestry Technician (Crew Member) GS-0462-06***

Job Announcement: 20-TEMP1-PNW-253331-6DT-BV

Control number: 545715900

Open 9/16-9/30

***NOTE, applications to the location of Chino, CA will not be reviewed.  If wanting to apply for a position in San Bernadino County, you must apply to the duty station of San Bernadino.  If wanting to apply to the duty station of CHICO, CA, see the below announcement.

Forestry Technician (Crew Member) GS-0462-06****

Job Announcement: 20-TEMP1-PNW-253331A-6DT-BV

Control number: 546032900

Open 9/18-9/30

****This position is ONLY for Chico, CA at the GS-06 level.

For those interested, please apply via USAJobs ( prior to the closing date.  For your application, you may use a resume or any other written format you choose.  Regardless of the format used, your application must contain sufficient information to validate qualifications and specialized experience required for this position.  The specialized experience can be found in the “Qualifications” section of the vacancy announcement.  All supporting documentation (including transcripts if using education as an element of basic qualification) must be uploaded as part of the application packet. The Required documents section in the job announcement will list any required documents.

Attached to this e-mail  you will find tips for applicants applying for FS positions. If you have technical questions related to completing the application please contact ASC-HRM at 877-372-7248 (option 2).

For questions related to position roles and responsibilities you can contact Katie Rigsby at, 503-808-3131 or Michelle Gerdes at, 503-808-2191.

Thank you!