Graduate position: PurdueU.PlantEvolution

Graduate positions in plant ecological and evolutionary genetics/genomics
at Purdue University.

The Oakley lab at Purdue University (
is looking to recruit 1-2 graduate (PhD or MS) students for Fall 2020.

Our lab is broadly interested in questions related to plant ecological
genetic. Based on current research strengths in the lab there are
two potential topics for PhD projects. 1) The genetic basis of local
adaptation and adaptive traits, and 2) Using heterosis and inbreeding
depression as tools to investigate the balance between mutation, drift,
and selection in natural populations. Both projects could include some
combination of field and growth chamber/greenhouse experiments with
wet lab and -omic approaches in our well-developed system of natural
populations of Arabidopsis thaliana. I am also open to discussing
projects using these and other approaches in other well-established
systems. Graduate courses offered by members of the Purdue Center for
Plant Biology ( will help to provide
training in developing the interdisciplinary skillset needed to address
these big questions in evolutionary biology.

I am also interested in recruiting a highly motivated MS student
interested in plant mating system evolution, particularly the ecological
and genetic factors maintaining outcrossing in highly selfing species.

PhD and MS students can apply to the Department of Botany and Plant
Pathology (
PhD students also have the option of applying
to the Interdisciplinary Program in Plant Biology
Please contact me prior to applying to discuss which option might
be best for you. These positions will be funded (including stipend,
health insurance, and tuition waiver) by some combination of research
and teaching assistantships. Some internal fellowships are available
for applications submitted before Nov. 15.

To inquire about graduate research in my lab please contact me by email
( Please include a copy of your CV and a brief
description of your research interests and experience, and how these
interests/experience fits with current research in the lab. Please
contact me by Nov. 1, 2019.