Graduate position: UKentucky.InsectEvolutionSystematics

PhD position in insect evolution, speciation, systematics

I am seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join my lab at University
of Kentucky in Fall 2020. Work in my lab focuses on insect evolution,
speciation, integrative taxonomy, species delimitation, and molecular
systematics using genomic approaches. The exact research project topic for
this potential student is flexible. Potential projects include 1) studying
the genomic architecture of speciation and hybridization in swallowtail
butterflies, 2) evaluating ecological drivers of diversification in
buck moths, and 3) developing molecular diagnostic tools for species
identification and pathway analysis in invasive insect pests. I am also
open to ideas and encourage potential applicants to contact me directly
to discuss their interests and suitability. For more information,

The Department of Entomology at University of Kentucky offers excellent
graduate training in diverse areas of insect biology. The Entomology
graduate program is ranked in the top 10 nationally and is consistently
rated as one of the most productive programs at the University of
Kentucky, measured by the total number of student publications and
presentations. Students from our department go on to have successful
careers in a variety of sectors, including academia, industry, government
science, and extension, to name a few.

I am looking for a student with a strong background in biology,
entomology, or ecology and evolution (BSc or equivalent). Experience
with field research, molecular biology/genomics, and bioinformatics is
preferred, as well as demonstrated research experience through completion
of a MSc or undergraduate research. This position includes a competitive
stipend, tuition waver, and health coverage.

Interested applicants should submit 1) a cover letter detailing
research experience, interests, and career goals, 2) a CV and
unofficial transcript, and 3) name and contact information for three
references to The successful applicant will
be required to apply to the University of Kentucky Graduate School,
although application to the graduate school can come a later time. See for more information
on how to apply.