Wildland Fire Science hourly technician, Tall Timbers Research Station

*Wildland Fire Science hourly technician*

Term: 1-5 years

Expected Start Date:  October 2019

The Wildland Fire Science Program at Tall Timbers is looking for a Fire

Science technician to assist with fieldwork and data processing.

The multi-disciplinary program at Tall Timbers is dedicated to integrating

research into management applications. This research position will be

located on and around Tall Timbers Tallahassee, FL, and require periods of

travel primarily throughout the eastern United States, with possible travel

to other regions of the United States.  The ideal candidate will have a

degree in GIS, geography, forestry, or fire ecology. We are seeking

candidates looking for experience in natural resources, wildland fire,

fluid dynamics or environmental sciences. Knowledge of Lidar

characterizations of ecosystems, wildland fire and/or forestry practices

are desired.

*Job Purpose: *The position is intended to support research and projects as

needed. Field work will be required to maintain long-term experimental

plots, sample vegetation, and facilitate the collection of geospatial data.

Office work will aid research by entering data, ensuring accuracy, and

processing raw data.

*Duties:* The technician will work under the supervision of the Wildland

Fire Lab Manager. Incumbent must be able to collect accurate, detailed data

in challenging field conditions.  Incumbent will be required to:


   Evaluate fuels before and after burns


   Support prescribed burns


   Monitor and maintain long-term plots


   Weigh fuel samples


   Properly manage datasets


   Prepare LiDAR data

Additional duties will include equipment maintenance, lab organization,

data entry, and other duties as assigned. Travel to various field sites

will be required, with some trips extending into a week or longer. The

successful applicant should be detail oriented, dedicated to completing

tasks on time and with a high degree of accuracy.  The incumbent should

expect opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge.



High school diploma

Ability to work in harsh (hot, humid, buggy) conditions in the southeastern


Interest in a career in natural resources/wildland fire

Physically able to perform outdoor activities including hiking and lifting

equipment (50 lbs)

Communication and organizational skills

Clean driving record (3 years of no infractions)


GPS/GIS skills

BS in a related field

Wildland fire or prescribed fire experience (current fire qualifications a

plus: FF Type II)

Experience operating 4WD vehicles

Experience driving with trailers

ATV safety training

Applicants will be evaluated based on experiences and satisfactory

references regarding work habits, professionalism, attitude, and physical

fitness, as work is often strenuous and conducted in difficult weather

conditions around biting insects, venomous snakes and in areas used for

military training. We encourage applicants of varying backgrounds to apply.

Compensation: $11-13 per hour, possible supplemented housing for the first

6 months, supplemented healthcare.

Deadline: Job is open until filled

Early consideration by 9/17/2019

To apply, please submit:

A resume

A 1-page cover letter describing your qualifications, interests, and career


Updated academic transcript for any education acquired.

Full contact information for three (3) references from previous employers

or educators.

Photocopy of your driver’s license (we require a clean driver’s record for

driving work vehicles).

For questions or to apply, email:

Scott Pokswinski

Wildland Fire Science Biologist/Lab manager


Tall Timbers

13093 Henry Beadel Road

Tallahassee, FL 32312