Graduate position: OhioU.PlantEvolution


M.S. and Ph.D. positions starting Fall 2020, Plant Evolution

The Schenk lab at Ohio University invites applicants for a Master¢s and
Ph.D. Degree in plant evolution, starting Fall semester, 2020.  Our lab
group is interested in how botanical diversity has been shaped by the
interactions among morphological, ecological, and species diversification.
We apply statistical phylogenetic approaches that quantify and incorporate
molecular, morphological, and ecological variation to plant systems in
order to understand the evolutionary processes of how and why species

Tuition and stipend for competitive students that meet all requirements
will be supported by research or teaching assistantships.  For full
consideration, the application deadline is January 15th.

Interested students should contact Dr. John Schenk (
prior to submitting an application (the earlier the better).

For more information, visit the Schenk lab website
( and the Department of Environmental and
Plant Biology’s website (  More
information about the graduate program can be found at the departmental
web page (