Graduate position: UArkansas.NeuroEvoDevo

The Nakanishi lab at the University of Arkansas seeks applicants
interested in pursuing a MS or PhD in evolutionary developmental biology
of animals to start in Spring or Fall 2020. Current research efforts of
the lab are focused on reconstructing conserved and divergent mechanisms
of how nervous systems develop and function by using cnidarians ¡V
sea anemones and jellyfish in particular. Student’s research projects
may involve gene expression analyses (e.g. in situ hybridization
and immunohistochemistry), reverse genetics (e.g. CRISPR-Cas9),
embryology (e.g. descriptive morphology, cell-lineage tracing and
tissue transplantation), genomics (e.g. RNA-seq and ChIP-seq), and
advanced microscopy (confocal and electron microscopy, and live-cell
imaging). Research and teaching assistantships are available.

Requirements: Bachelor¡¦s degree in biology or related field. The
ideal candidate will have a strong interest in evolutionary biology, and
experiences in molecular biology, developmental biology, neurobiology,
genomics/bioinformatics and/or microscopy techniques. Knowledge of
invertebrate zoology is a plus but not required.

Please contact Nagayasu Nakanishi ( before submitting
a formal application to U of A Graduate Admission.