Summer Field Crew – Disturbance Ecology in Pacific Northwest Forests

Overview: We are hiring up to three students* to conduct research on forest dynamics in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.  Employees will traverse very steep slopes to evaluate the conditions and causes of tree mortality in young and old-growth forests impacted by a major snowstorm in 2019.  Successful candidates must be capable and comfortable with hiking and navigating off-trail for long distances on steep, unstable slopes.  We seek current students who are interested in ecological research, enjoy working outdoors as part of a team, and can live cooperatively with others.  This work is part of the Pacific Northwest Permanent Sample Plot Program, one of the longest-running research projects of its kind in the world.  For more information:

Duties: (1) Navigate off-trail in steep, brushy terrain to relocate permanent plots using topographic maps, compass and GPS; (2) identify tree species; (3) assess and document symptoms and causes of recent tree mortality; and (4) record and check data for completeness and clarity.

Logistics: Crew will be based at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest near Blue River, OR where housing is provided at no cost (  Field season begins June 19, 2019 and is expected to last until the first or second week of September.

Minimum qualifications: (1) enrolled in or graduated from a program in forestry, natural resources, environmental science or closely related field; or an equivalent combination of training and experience; (2) ability to follow complex data collection procedures; (3) demonstrated ability to work independently and with other crew members in a professional manner while maintaining a positive and safe work environment.

Preferred qualifications: (1) coursework, experience or training in forest measurements; (2) experience navigating off-trail in steep, mountainous terrain using compass, map and GPS; (3) familiarity with tree species of the Cascade Mountains or proven ability to learn them quickly; (4) prior experience conducting field work and collecting data for research; (5) first-aid or wilderness first-aid training; (6) demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity.

Salary:   $13-$15/hour

Duration:  June 19 to September 6 or 13, 2019

Apply by: May 17, 2019

On-line application instructions (current students only*):

*       *You are considered a student if you are enrolled for at least 6 credits in spring and intend to take at least 6 credits in the fall.

*       On-line application: (posting # P05116SE)

*       Click on “Apply for this Job” and follow the instructions.

FMI: Rob Pabst, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University (