Summer Job Opportunity: Data Collectors in the Lewisville and Joe Pool Lakes Area (Texas)

The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands at Colorado State

University  (CEMML – CSU) is seeking

qualified candidates to collect data for Recreational Boater Surveys.

Please see job details below and feel free to share:

Selected data collectors will be required to complete two days of training

and three full days of data collection (including two Sundays and one

Federal holiday). It is estimated that data collectors will be required to

work approximately 48 hours over the course of the project. However, data

collection is contingent on lake and weather conditions which means

scheduled sampling days may be canceled or postponed. Multiple potential

sampling dates are scheduled to accommodate this uncertainty.

C*andidates must be available for all potential sampling days and

preferably within the general area of Lewisville Lake and Joe Pool Lake,

Texas*, since the position does NOT cover travel, transportation or lodging.


   – Training: Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26. Candidates must be

   available to attend training (location TBD).

   – Potential Sampling Days: Monday, May 27, Sunday, June 9, Sunday, June

   16, Sunday, June 23, Sunday, June 30, Thursday, July 4, Sunday, July 7, and

   Sunday, July 14. Candidates must be available for all potential sampling

   days; however, data collection will only take place on three occasions.

   – Transportation: Candidates must be able to ensure their own

   transportation to training and sampling locations. Applicants may indicate

   if assignment to either Lewisville Lake or Joe Pool Lake is preferred.

   – Ability: Candidates must be physically able to be continually active

   while moving between and around assigned locations quickly for up to

   10-hours while working outdoors in summer conditions.

   – Experience: Candidates should have experience conducting field

   research, implementing surveys, and/or have completed coursework in

   statistics, data collection, and/or quantitative research.

   – Desired Skills: Attention to detail, strong communication skills,

   ability to follow instructions, positive-attitude, punctuality,

   adaptability, critical thinking, and ability to collect precise and

   accurate data.


Compensation is a fixed stipend of $850. Data collectors will be

compensated in full following the completion of all required data

collection. An additional sum will be awarded to data collectors who are

able to provide transportation for themselves and team members between

sampling locations.

*About the Project:*

Outdoor recreation is one of the most common ways people experience the

natural world. Understanding current recreational use and visitor

experiences is critical for effective resource management and to provide

for safe and positive recreational experiences into the future. Researchers

from Colorado State University (CSU) will be conducting a Recreational

Boater Survey at Lewisville Lake and Joe Pool Lake during the summer of

2019. This project is a collaboration between CSU, the U.S. Army Corps of

Engineers, and partners affiliated with Lewisville and Joe Pool Lakes.

*How to Apply:*

*Please e-mail your resume and a statement of qualifications* addressing

each requirement and describing why you are interested in this opportunity t*o

before May 10, 2019.*

Please indicate if you are capable and willing to provide transportation

for you and your team between sampling locations with your personal vehicle

(additional compensation is available for selected drivers).