Research Assistant postion working on Tawny Crazy Ants – UT Austin

The Invasive Species Lab at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin is recruiting a research technician.  The technician will carry out studies, in co-ordination with the PI, examining the biology and ecology of tawny crazy ants and the natural enemies of this ant, including microsporidian pathogens and phorid fly parasitoids.

The position is a mixture of field and laboratory-based investigation. It requires overnight travel to field sites in remote regions of Texas and work outside in all seasons. Camping out is necessary at some field sites.

The successful applicant will support applied and basic, organismal-level ecological research into questions relevant to biological control, population, behavioral, community, and chemical ecology.

The initial assignment is for one year from start-date. This assignment will renew contingent upon job performance.


Perform field assays of tawny crazy ant, and native ant abundances and experiments on species interactions and ecology.

Conduct laboratory experiments investigating the biology of a microsporidian pathogen and a phorid fly parasitoid of this ant.

Conduct experiments into the behavioral and chemical ecology of ant species interactions.

Stain and count microsporidian spore loads in infected ants using compound microscope. Sort, identify and record ants and other arthropods from pitfall traps. Identify ants and phorid flies to species level and other arthropods to order level.

Record all data in field datasheets, and enter data into spreadsheets. Use GPS to set out transects and record features. Store and label specimens in alcohol vials or in pinned collections. Curate materials and maintain records.  Pilot test new methods and participate in experimental design.  Collect ant colonies.  Clean and organize laboratory space.

Driving a UT vehicle is an essential function. Maintain vehicles in clean, roadworthy condition. Maintain the workspace in a orderly state. Organize work flow, and maintain activity schedule on multiple projects simultaneously.

To apply please follow the link below: