Pollinator Research Technician

PhD student with the Ecology Department at Montana State University is in search of a research technician to aid in field data collection for a project evaluating the effects of conifer encroachment on plant-pollinator interactions in the Big Hole Valley of southwest Montana. Results from this project will inform Forest Service management efforts for the treatment and removal of conifers in sagebrush ecosystems.


The applicant will be based in Bozeman, MT but conduct weekly field trips in the Big Hole Valley near Wisdom, MT. The field schedule is 5 days on, 2 days off with primitive camping onsite in the field (typically leaving Bozeman early Monday morning and returning Friday evening). Fieldwork is weather-dependent and requires flexible hours, including early mornings and weekends. Fieldwork involves collecting insects visiting flowers at 12 sites distributed along the National Forest boundary near Wisdom, MT. General field duties include identifying plant species, collecting flower-visiting insects using a net, recording data, and navigating to field sites with a GPS. Field vehicle will be supplied, but the applicant will be required to provide most equipment required for camping.

Additional duties include:

•    Entering data

•    Coordinating basic field logistics required for camping and sampling

•    Working independently and as part of a team

•    Regular communication with PhD student/team leader

Compensation: $1,500/month stipend.

Location: Bozeman, MT. Would be based in the field M-F.

Timeline: Preferred June 3rd to August 30th (dates flexible)


•    experience in botany or related field

•    able to adhere to field protocols and verbal instructions

•    experience collecting data in an organized manner

•    able to carry equipment while walking over uneven terrain

•    able to operate a GPS unit and navigate to predetermined locations

•    willing to work and camp overnight in a rural and remote field setting

•    able to work independently and as a part of a team

•    able to adhere to field safety measures

•    valid driver’s license and clean driving record

•    experience safely operating vehicles on unpaved roads

•    good time management skills

Apply by sending a resume and brief email to Will Glenny (willglenny@gmail.com), a PhD student in the Ecology Department at Montana State University. We will review applications as they arrive, and the job posting will remain open until the position is filled. If interested, please feel free to get in touch with questions.