Hiring Immediately Botany Intern-Carlsbad BLM

*Botany Technician – Carlsbad BLM*

The Southwest Office of the Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE SW) (

https://nam01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=www.appliedeco.org&data=02%7C01%7Ceric.schultz%40uconn.edu%7C46f558b4ad5c434b3fd808d6bb3b590c%7C17f1a87e2a254eaab9df9d439034b080%7C0%7C0%7C636902260988185433&sdata=paJL8uxkxWmOPdObdfDivtCfVQ%2Fvr3mv5HxsYIQheC0%3D&reserved=0) will be hiring a botany technician to assist the

Carlsbad BLM Field Office Botanist.  The intern will primarily work to

implement the* Eriogonum gypsophilum *Monitoring Plan through rare plant

monitoring field data collection for *Eriogonum gypsophilum* (ERIGYP), or

Gypsum Wild Buckwheat.  Field studies include impacts monitoring;

photopoint monitoring; census and mapping; density monitoring, and

demographic trend monitoring.  Secondary duties may include surveying or

monitoring additional rare plants, native seed collection, vegetation

monitoring, literature review, historic records research, technical

writing, and data entry.

The Botany Technician will be based out of the Carlsbad Field Office to

work alongside the Botany and Wildlife staff. This position will be for 30

weeks with the possibility of extension depending on funding, weather, and

plant phenology. The work week will vary between five 8 hour days, Monday

through Friday, and four 10-hour days, Monday through Thursday. This

position will involve some office work (i.e., data entry, site planning),

and the rest of the week will be spent in the field.

*Specific Responsibilities of Botany Technician:*

● Work independently and alongside BLM Carlsbad Botanist

● Monitor and/or inventory rare plant populations

● Manage data and ensure quality control

● Prioritize safety; adhere to check-in/check-out procedures and

communications via cell phone or SPOT device to ensure crew safety

● Occasional overnight camping for field work

● Conference/video calls with SW office in Santa Fe for monthly staff


*Minimum Qualifications:*

● Three years of coursework in botany, ecology, biology, or a related field

● Interest in botany, conservation biology, and/or restoration ecology

● Outgoing, energetic, and flexible

● Excellent communication skills and experience working on a team

● Highly organized and able to manage complex objectives and take initiative

● Comfortable working in rugged, hot, strenuous outdoor conditions

*Preferred Skills:*

● Bachelor’s degree in botany, ecology, biology, or a related field

● Plant identification skills and experience using dichotomous keys

(familiarity with Southwest flora is a plus)

● Pre-existing knowledge of quantitative rare plant monitoring

● Plant voucher specimen collection experience

● Experience using GPS unit

● Ability to drive a 4WD truck on rugged, off-highway gravel or dirt roads

● Data management experience; experience with Excel

● Comfortable in a backcountry setting: ability to work long hours in

adverse weather conditions while maintaining attention to the task and crew

safety (First aid training a plus)

● Ability to work in bent-over, kneeling, or standing positions for

significant periods of time

● Ability to lift at least 40 lbs. and hike up to 6 miles per day

*Compensation and Start Date:*

$17.00/hr. plus overnight food/camping or lodging expenses as needed. Paid

leave available for holidays; and unpaid leave permitted for cultural

events and supervisor approved vacation. This is a full-time temporary

position with no additional benefits.

Employment term runs from approximately April 29 – November 18th (30 weeks)

*How to Apply:*

To apply for this position, please submit:

● Brief cover letter describing your interest in the position.

● Resume identifying any relevant experience (paid or unpaid)

● Names and contact information for two references

● Email applications to: kimiora@appliedeco.org by *March 1st, 2019*; use

subject line “*Carlsbad BLM Botany Technician*”; applications will be

considered on a rolling basis and the position will stay open until filled.

● Please direct any questions about the position to kimiora@appliedeco.org