Graduate position: UAlabama_Huntsville.EvolutionaryBiol

The Culumber Lab of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Alabama in
Huntsville is currently seeking 2-3 students interested in pursuing an MSc
or PhD to join our laboratory in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.  We are
particularly interested in motivated students with an interest in
integrating across disciplines including ecology, behavior, and physiology
and incorporating genomic approaches to address fundamental questions in
evolutionary biology.

Potential projects include: (1) Examining the role of temperature in
speciation and the maintenance of adaptive genetic variation, (2) the
evolutionary consequences of indirect genetic effects, and (3) the
underlying mechanisms and role of animal personality in biological
diversification.  Research in the laboratory focuses primarily on
livebearing fishes as a model to understand broader evolutionary
phenomena.  However, highly-motivated students with interests in exploring
other lines of research on evolutionary biology in any study system are
encouraged to apply.  Prior experience working with fish is not necessary,
but prior research experience (either undergraduate or MSc) is highly
preferred.  The ideal candidate will have research experience with one or
more of the following areas: molecular biology (DNA/RNA isolation, PCR,
sequencing), bioinformatics, geographical information systems (GIS), animal
behavior, or animal physiology.

Student support includes teaching assistantships, internal scholarships,
and fellowships (internal and extramural).

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact the PI at and include a cover letter describing your research
experience and interests, as well as a CV.